Cosmic is the dedicated Sci-Fi section of FourColour comics. If you're looking for mindbending stories about time travel, cosmic beings, technology, and alternate-realities, you're in the right place. Content may contain mature themes, adult language, and strong imagery.

Issue 3. Everything's all out of whack, in the wrong order, ever since Amos got the manifest. A list of names to steal from, but every time he follows through, someone dies, and a name crosses itself off the list. This has to stop. But will Amos get out, or just add his name to the manifest...

Issue 2. The overworked, underappreciated Rachel is at the end of her rope. She gets no credit for her ideas at work even as they're parroted by her coworkers and her boyfriend isn't eager to contribute to the household. But just as she's about to give up on it all, a guardian angel comes to her... A guardian angel with some epic shoulder pads.

Issue 1. Time is running out as the space cop known as The Cyberpunk attempts to navigate a world being unraveled by time itself. Will he find the source before it's too late? Or will the future destroy the present as we know it?