Frankenstein the Unconquered is the Action-horror revenge story of the beast returned to a post-apocalyptic future. It's our ode to Universal Horror Films, 80's cult action, and B-movie schlock. If it belongs on a Megadeath album cover, it belongs in Frankenstein the Unconquered. Content may contain strong language, adult themes, and strong imagery.

Issue 4. The Beast hunts down the man who designed the rocket that sent him to the stars some thirty years ago. But when he finally confronts him, his revenge is denied in an act of cowardice, an act The Beast will not tolerate...

Issue 3. The Beast continues his endless quest for revenge, but in his lust for carnage and control, he does not consider the possibility that he too is hunted.

Issue 2. A year after Frankenstein's return to the ruined planet, the beast hunts down the one responsible for his exile. Fond memories of his friend aside, their meeting is... less than pleasant.

Issue 1. The beginning. A star explodes and from the millions of pieces that rain down on the Earth five thousand years in the future, the beast returns, ready to enact his revenge.