Age of Adventure is the all-ages adventure section of FourColour Comics. There's no content warning or parental advisory here, just good clean fun with creative characters, exciting adventure, and wholesome themes.


Issue 3. In a secret agent high school under the sea, there's thrills, shock, death traps, and gadgets--and that's just gym class. In an entire school of slick, cool sharks destined to be super spies, how can Harry the Hammerhead stand out?

Issue 2. It's your typical film set: no one knows what's going on in the script, the show's being run by a couple of egomaniacs, and it feels like nothing is getting done. So what happens when a hippopotamus shows up as the new sound tech on the set of Summer of Doves? About what you'd expect...

Issue 1. The Adventures of Bryce and Wesley continue in Egypt as Bryce follows a lead that reveals the oldest pair of glasses ever made. But who were they made for, and what kinds of magic will they unleash?