Multiversal Musings

001: A Word

FourColour Fans! How’s it going out there on the Interwebs? Now, I’m sure you’re just as surprised to see this as I am typing it, yet, here we are, all of us together.

Look, I have to be honest here, FourColour was never really meant to be a personal kind of setting. It was meant to be more of a multimedia entertainment vessel I could ride in and share my art with all of you wonderful Internet Surfers. But, the longer I stayed in the passenger seat, riding all over, I realized I was passing by a ton of opportunity to connect with fans, friends, and foes alike just so I could remain the Artist with a capital “A.” I wanted to give you videos, articles, comics, and podcasts, all from the vantage point of the creator who had already made it (as opposed to the reality of the struggling-to-find-an-audience amateur I actually am). I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight, but I figured if I put enough work into it that it would all eventually work itself out. I just had to keep my head down and, if I was lucky, I’d look up at some point and realize I’d made it. What I didn’t count on was almost killing myself with an unsustainable workload and overly ambitious goals that could never be met by an essentially one-man team.

Trying to do everything inevitably leads to destroying what you’ve already done.

So, I had to take a step back. I’m not proud of it, but I had to miss some deadlines. I had to really sit and think about what this entire website was trying to accomplish and if it was still what I wanted. Of course, the answers I found were a little harsh on the ego, but I’ve come to accept over the years that there’s really no place for it in creative pursuits anyway. I found that comics were, first and foremost, the single most important thing I could be doing with FourColour. Comics are my first love and the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do with my life and there is no way I could ever do anything else. Which means everything else is on an indefinite hiatus. I can’t devote the time I want to my comics and write articles and shoot videos and record podcasts and, oh yeah, maintain an Internet presence all at the same time. It’s ridiculous and I’m more than a little embarrassed I ever thought I could keep up with that. No one ever really expects more from you than yourself, it seems.

So, yeah, here we are. As I’m sure you’re aware since you follow our social media presence voraciously, I recently co-hosted a panel at Arkansas’ own ComiConway with my friends over at Being Human Garbage, the podcast you really need to be listening to because it’s just plain fun. The panel was great, we had a decent turnout for three guys with no name recognition, and we were able to talk about our craft and the pitfalls of trying to start your own creative enterprises. I talked at length about biting off more than you can chew and, aside from simply starting and meeting deadlines, it’s probably the most important piece of advice I can think of. Yeah, you’ve gotta work hard, but you’ve also got to be aware of how hard you can work. I could go on, but I’m pretty sure the guys recorded it for the podcast, so I’ll be sure to post it here as soon as they’ve worked out the kinks.

All of this is to say that the panel really lit a fire underneath me. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be there, so I need to start proving to myself that I maybe I did. The panel is kind of what I like to call the start of Phase 2 of FourColour. The site is going to be much more focused, with comics being the only thing we produce for the foreseeable future. Well, that and whatever this is. This, hopefully, is the start of getting out of the passenger’s seat and into the driver’s, putting a more personal touch to the entity that is FourColour. Plus, it allows me to give weekly updates about things that are happening not just to FourColour, but everyone behind the scenes. So, y’know, be on the lookout for more of these.

I can’t tell you all enough how much it means that you’re checking out FourColour. Heck, maybe you’re even enjoying it! Seriously, the fact that there’s any response at all is what keeps me determined to get back to the drawing board and continue to tell stories. Stay hooked to our Facebook page for all the FourColour updates and, for the love of Bryce, follow us on Twitter! There’s an abnormal disparity between our Facebook and Twitter fans, and we need to come together in FourColour glory, guys! Don’t hesitate to shoot us a tweet or message of whatever else you have in mind, because we love hearing from you!

Until next time, FourColour Fans, I’ll be in the sphere.