Do you hear that? The distant squeal of worn tires, the monotone hum of massive engines, the joyous cry of exhausted celebration? Well, that’s…that’s us.

I should explain.

For as long as I can remember, my mind has been dominated by superheroes. The intrepid adventures of super beings saving the day from sheer destruction connects with a young mind unlike anything else. I first encountered them through television cartoons and was glued to their exploits for years. Then, I found out that what I was seeing wasn’t limited to 4:00 on a weekday afternoon. These heroes didn’t just exist on my television but in these things called comic books. Naturally, my first thought was “sign me up.” Ever since, it’s been nothing less than an honest-to-god love affair with the medium of comics. From the moment I opened up my first pamphlet of possibilities, I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that my future would be intrinsically tied to whatever happened in the scant twenty-four pages before me.

Fast forward a decade and a half and, well, here we are.

FourColour is the culmination of a lifetime of dreaming. Now, here, after so much work, I can pursue everything I’ve ever wanted in my creative life. Digital webcomics offer so many avenues of expression that no single medium could hope to match. And that’s where the central bulk of the website is going to be, the comics. But that’s only the beginning.

I like to envision this as a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. So, yeah, there are comics, but there’s also videos, articles, podcasts, guest content…the Internet allows us the freedom to do anything we could ever want. 


And by “us” I mean literally the two people behind the scenes of FourColour. There’s me, of course. Dalton Shannon, the frontman, I guess you could say, leading the charge and demanding more out of my team than I probably should but it’s only out of love, guys, come on, I believe in you. You’ll mostly be seeing me, well, everywhere, in the comics, videos, articles, whatever. If this is my circus, I’ll probably have a foot in just about everything. You’ve been warned.



Then there’s my brother from an alternate dimension, Logan Graham, the bass line that keeps this collective afloat and running smoothly. You’ll be seeing him in more of the day-to-day, answering questions, uploading material, being the best friend in the world…you know, the important stuff. And, hey, if you ask him real nice-like, he may even have some of his own stories to tell. So, you know, get to asking, because he won’t listen to me.

Of course, the FourColour family is always going to be growing, and it will hopefully include you as the crazy, rhythmic drummer or the stylistic, only-hears-themselves lead guitar, or any other musical simile you want to throw into the mix (yes, even you, keyboards!). We seek to offer not only entertainment for you, but also entertainment by you. Our guest content literally means just that. Submit. Discuss. Have fun! That’s what FourColour is all about.

And it’s a constantly changing beast, this site. We seek to update with new content every weekday. We strive to interact with every voice that demands to be heard. And we implore you to make this your home. So, strap in (or don’t, you’re your own person), keep all arms and legs wherever you’d like in relation to the vehicle at all times, and don’t forget to enjoy yourselves. This isn’t just a site for us. It’s for you. So, make peace with whatever god you believe in. Because things are never going to be the same again.

Let’s have some fun.

-Dalton Shannon