About FourColour Media

All comics used to be printed using exactly four colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Today, all print media still uses combinations of these colours to create the vibrant, complex imagery we're all used to seeing, particularly in comics. We took our name to pay homage to the great traditions of the medium and to express our desire to use those building blocks to create new, interesting, complex stories for your entertainment.

FourColour Media is a dedicated, two-man team of misfits, creating narrative comics for the love of the craft. We want to entertain, challenge, and captivate our audience with stories ranging from the humorous to the horrifying. We invite you to enjoy the comics we've put countless hours into crafting, and humbly hope you enjoy yourself.

Dalton Shannon is the artist responsible for drawing everything on this website. He also writes and collaborates on the scripts and brings that certain je ne sais quoi to the dialogue that makes it fun and addictive. He loves old Godzilla movies and battles the urge to speedrun Super Metroid every day of his life. He is also colour blind, and the reason why we use the British spelling of the word.

You can reach Dalton on his twitter @daltonkshannon and directly through the FourColour Instagram page!

Wells Thompson is the co-writer and letterer of the comics you read on this site. He brings the structure, thematic elements, and logical through-line to the stories (basically everything that, if done well, you should never notice). Wells is a filthy vegetarian and loves Canadian Alt-Rock bands like Metric and July Talk. He likes to believe that he wears the pants in his household, but his five rescue cats know that's not true, and so does he, deep down.

You can reach Wells on his twitter @WellsAFP. If you'd like to see more of his work, you can read his articles at conwayscene.com or ask him when his novel is coming out (if you dare).

Both Dalton and Wells are natural born Arkansans, graduates of the University of Central Arkansas, and are outraged at the MENACE THAT IS SPIDER-MAN! #JJJamesonwasright