The Adventures of Bryce 'n Wesley

Chapter One: The Thing with Feathers


Mysterious jungles. Ancient ruins. Shiny objects. Just another day in the life of Bryce and Wesley, two best friends with a penchant for adventure! Danger and thrills wait around every corner, and not everything is as it seems. Mauritius holds secrets the world thought long buried, and it’s just the boy’s luck they would be the ones to dig them up. Eggs, tombs, dodos…hold onto your hats, people. This is gonna get wild!

CoverPage OnePage TwoPage ThreePage FourPage FivePage SixPage SevenPage EightPage NinePage TenPage ElevenPage TwelvePage ThirteenPage FourteenPage FifteenPage SixteenPage SeventeenPage EighteenPage NineteenPage TwentyPage Twenty-One

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